A Promise to Our Clients

Susan E. Wiesner, A Law Corporation is dedicated to making a difference – in the lives of our clients, and in the field of family law.The first line of defense is to resolve crisis, with an eye always on the long term – particularly in cases involving children.

“Many people only become acutely aware of family law when they are facing a divorce, and at that moment they become filled with fear and trepidation of the unknown,” says Susan Wiesner, founder of Susan E. Wiesner, A Law Corporation. “If there are children involved, the biggest fear people have is losing custody. Secondarily people are concerned with losing all of their financial security. Combined with the emotional trauma of a failed relationship, it can be quite overwhelming for most people."

Susan E. Wiesner, A Law Corporation is dedicated to helping clients in a way that truly makes a difference. From founder Susan E. Wiesner to every Associate, there is a culture of dedication to clients while providing a focus on effective outcomes.

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